What is going on with our health?

You might have heard about a study saying that the generation that is now born won’t live as long as their parents. How can that be, you might ask, with all the progress in medicine, science and technology? It all started with the industrialization aka the beginning of food processing.

Many diseases prevalent in the Western world, like heart attack, stroke, arteriosclerosis, metabolic diseases, and more, that account for the highest death rates nowadays, were almost unheard of before food processing took the health out of food.

According to Dr. Max Otto Bruker (the founder of the Society for Health Education where I trained at) about 80 % of all diseases in the Western world are preventable because they are nutrition related. Any disease can be categorized into one or more of three areas: nutrition related, life-style related and environment related. As nutrition related diseases are at the top, it is crucial to tackle this issue to get maximum benefit.

Truly healthy nutrition has been neglected in this equation for a long time, and many of those who have promoted ‘healthy’ nutrition have been influenced by big corporations, probably without even knowing it. I was quite shocked to see a list of large food industry corporations  in the back of a nutrition text book that is being used by universities. I heard a dietitian recommend eating margarine, one of the most processed and unhealthy foods. And the Diabetes Association of Canada does it on its handouts too. Those are the results of such machinations.

Not treating symptoms, but digging down to the root cause of disease is the only thing that can change the status of our health and that of future generations. I look forward to sharing everything I learned with you!

Please read my post in the blog section on how to define what truly healthy food is!


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