Called into the Principal’s Office
At the end of my second-last year of high-school, I was called to see the principal, and the vice-principal. Yeah, both at the same time, and believe me, I was scared! They accused me of being a troublemaker because I stood up for being marked unfairly for one of the sports courses I and 20 other girls had taken during the second semester. They told me to shut up and not instigate the others to revolt against their grades. How could I have gone from a 2 to a 5 (On a scale from 1 being very good, to 6 being the worst) in one year?

I was not willing to accept this and wanted an explanation, especially as I had to use this report card for applying for my secondary education. To make a long story short,  I did not shut up. After the summer break, everyone was marked up one grade. Nobody apologized, we were just told someone had applied the wrong grading key. I still wasn’t happy with the result, but I learned a valuable lesson, and I have never regretted standing up for what I felt was unfair treatment.

My name is Martina Groeger and over thirty years later, I still like to challenge authority and fight for what I believe is right, and would like to instigate you to do the same!

  • I believe that we do not have to accept everything that someone with seemingly more power dishes out to us, literally and figuratively, and should not ignore being lied to.
  • I believe that we have to revolt against corporations ‘ruining’ actual food by processing it into substances that make us and our children sick by simply not buying it anymore.
  • I believe that we need to demand truly healthy food in facilities where vulnerable people don’t have any say in what is served to them, like schools, hospitals, seniors’ homes.
  • I believe that we have the power to bring along change and improve our health and that of future generations.

Every Day is Health Day!