My name is Martina Groeger and I am a Health Educator certified by a non-for-profit organization in Germany which is independent and not influenced by economic interests. Founded by nutrition pioneer and physician Dr. Max Otto Bruker (1909-2001), the association has been informing about the causes of disease and promoting a healthy life-style and wholesome foods rich in vital nutrients for almost 40 years. Over 5,500 health educators have been trained to date.

The education I received is available to you through a variety of services I provide in person, over the phone, via email or online.

I can help with different aspects of implementing a healthier life-style, though I largely focus on nutrition for a reason. According to Dr. Bruker about 80 % of diseases in the Western World are preventable as they are caused by unhealthy nutrition. Therefore food has the biggest impact on preventing and treating disease.

This definition for truly healthy food was coined by food scientist Prof. Dr. Werner Kollath (1892-1970):

“Eat food which is as close to nature as possible.”

I inform about different types of processing and show you how to determine the value food has for your health. (More about that in the blog section.)

The following services are examples of how you can get me involved in empowering you to improve your health, the health of your family, friends, students and community groups.

Please inquire about a customized quote at 1-902-527-0084 or I believe that everyone has the right to the healthiest life possible. If funding is an issue, please contact me to discuss alternatives. 

Healthy Hope (talk for groups of any size)

Fed up with what’s been dished out to you? You have an open mind and are curious to hear what you can do about the health crisis you/we are in? Be prepared to step into your power!

Healthy Hope (1-on-1 consultation)

Discover which eating (and drinking) habits may be the most detrimental to your health and how to swap them for delicious and nutritious choices. Leave the processed foods on the shelves and ignite your health power!

Tasty Talk

You don’t want to just hear about it, you want to taste the deliciousness of healthy food? These small group sessions can be held in your home, my home, or any other location. You invite family members and friends, I bring samples! No charge for the host!

Cuisine and Company

Bored of preparing food by yourself? Get together with a small group of like-minded people to prepare healthy delicious food and enjoy your creation. This can be for a few hours only or stretch into a wellness weekend.

Kitchen Kids

Have a bunch of hungry kids at home or at your school? What about that birthday party coming up? Let the kids take over the kitchen to create their own food!

Grinding Grain

Boost your healthy protein intake with whole grains! Prepare the ultimate Power Porridge and bake bread that’s not ‘dead’.